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Borgo Pass VIneyard
Alpine, OR

The most magical and improbable of the vineyards we partner with, this is where we get 25 year old alpine Cabernet Sauvignon fruit. Nestled in the coast range near Alpine, this is a U-pick vineyard and that’s exactly what we do with a band of friends and family each harvest.  

  • Soil: Panther

  • Vine age: 2001

  • Elevation: 460 ft

  • Locaton: Monroe, Willamette Valley AVA

  • Wines: Air Guitar


Johan Vineyards
Rickreall, OR

The largest source of fruit for us, our relationship with Dag Sundby and Dan Rinke goes back to 2011 when they first grafted Gamay, Melon and Cabernet Franc for us. Additionally, we source Pinot Noir from here which completes the Rhinestones blend along with their Gamay. Certified Biodynamic and ideally situated to deliver the expression of Willamette Valley wine we strive for, Johan fruit is the core of the cellar.

  • Soil: Helvatia and Santiam

  • Vine age: 8 - 16 years

  • Elevation: 180 - 350 ft

  • Location: Rickreall - Willamette Valley AVA

  • Wines: Johan Melon, Rhinestones, Air Guitar



Union School VIneyard
Junction city, OR

The source for one or our first Sauvignon Blanc and our Chenin Blanc, Union School is a part of Dieter Bohm’s impressive operation in Junction City. This warm site (by our standards) is ideal for producing the expressions of Chenin and Sauvignon we strive to make.

  • Soil: Bellpine

  • Vine age: 7 years?

  • Elevation: 450 feet

  • Locaton: Junction City, Willamette Valley AVA

  • Wines: Willamette Valley Chenin Blanc, Union School Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 


south salem, OR

Located in the South Salem hills, an area we feel holds some of the best untapped potential in the valley, Ed and Kathy Hughes vineyard provides us with Gamay and Pinot Noir. The vines are own rooted and have been dry farmed from the beginning. The aspect is slightly North facing which translates in a light, savory expression we highly value in our Pinot Noir. This is the source for our top cuvee.

  • Soil: Jory and Nekia

  • Vine Age - 27 years

  • Elevation: 675 ft

  • Location: South Salem - Willamette Valley AVA

  • Wines: Willamette Valley Gamay, Hughes Hollow Pinot Noir, Rose


EOLa amity hills, Or

One of Bill Holloran’s lovingly farmed vineyards, La Chênaie is also certified Biodynamic. Dramatic vista holds the fruit for our second single vineyard expression of Sauvignon Blanc. Notable for its clonal diversity, this is as close to selection massale as we get.

  • Soil: Jory, Gelderman, Ritner

  • Vine age: 2001

  • Elevation: 460 - 585

  • Locaton: Eola-Amity Hills AVA

  • Wines: La Chênaie Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc



Walnut Ridge Vineyard
Junction city, OR

Jim McGavin was the first person to sell us Gamay in 2011. This fruit has been the core of our Willamette Valley Gamay ever since. We have purchased a small amount of Pinot starting in 2017. This was our first glimpse into the potential of the southern Willamette Valley and has led us to expand our explorations of the area around Junction City.

  • Soil: Bellpine

  • Vine age: 19 years?

  • Elevation: 450 - 750 feet

  • Locaton: Junction City, Willamette Valley AVA

  • Wines: Willamette Valley Gamay, Willamette Valley Pinot Noir



deux vert vineyard
Yamhill Carlton AVA, OR

Mike and Patty Green were the first to knowingly plant Melon de Bourgogne in the Valley in 1995. We purchase the bulk of their plot and the fruit makes the basis of our Willamette Valley Melon.  

  • Soil: Peavine

  • Vine age: 23 years

  • Elevation: 350 - 400 feet

  • Locaton: Yamhill-Carlton AVA

  • Wines: Willamette Valley Melon