Death Row Dinner Series: #1 Featuring Sam Smith from Tusk

Death Row Dinner Series: #1 Featuring Sam Smith from Tusk


To kick off the Death Row Dinner series*, we've invited our dear friend and insanely talented chef Sam Smith of Tusk (formerly of Ava Gene's and Zahav, to name a couple) to break the seal. It will be limited to less than 18 people and we'll be hosting the first one here in our cellar, conveniently located in a secret underground location within Portland’s urban confines.

Join us on June 16th, at 6:00pm, as we welcome Sam to our winery! The menu will not be announced until you sit down at the table to start eating. Who doesn’t like a surprise?! Rest assured you will drink and eat until your hearts content.

Please be sure to select your shirt size upon adding your ticket to the cart!

Price of ticket includes all food and wine pairings. Gratuity can be added after the meal if you so desire. Please note that due to the nature of these dinners, we are unable to accommodate any dietary restrictions. All sales are final, however you are welcome to transfer your ticket to a friend, family member, colleague, or acquaintance from Craigslist. This can be done by contacting Rueben:

*The inspiration for the name “Death Row Dinner” comes from the old game chefs and cooks alike play with one another. “What would you have for your last meal, Thomas Keller?” “Oh me?! Grilled cheese and a bowl of Captain crunch.” Ok maybe that's a stretch…but you get the point. It's a way for those in the industry to share the foods they hold most near and dear to their heart’s with one another; the meal they would want if they were about to pass from this world. Now you get a chance to be a part of that kitchen culture. Logo inspiration from one of our favorite hip hop record labels, “Death Row Records.”*

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