natty BY Nature

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If the pressure of Valentine’s Day just isn’t your thing, what about tasty wine, delicious food, and great music, without all the fuss of a fancy dinner? On the right track? Well then, we’re thrilled to be hosting the first edition of Natty by Nature, Dana Frank’s ode to natural wine. Known as one of Portland’s top-notch wine pros, Dana has been nationally recognized for her wine lists at Grüner, Ava Gene’s, and Dame. She’s dedicated her career to the farmers and winemakers who work organically and/or biodynamically, those fine folks who make their wine with nothing but grapes.

Please join us for a casual, wine bar-style evening with fantastic wines by the glass (think orange wines from Central Europe, light-bodied reds from Northern Italy, and damn good Champagne), paired with the best of 80s and 90s hip hop. We’ll be cooking some of our favorite things to accompany Dana’s selections. There will be oysters, of course, and cured meats galore, plenty of tasty tapas-style bites and an enormous pan of smoky clam and chorizo fideos.